Help us to raise funds through Easy Fundraising by clicking here when buying online.  A lot of on-line retailers are signed up for this scheme so please look to see if where you are buying from is there! 


Fundraising through Co-Op

Helping Hands of Lilliput Infant School has been selected by Co-op to receive a share of its
community fund. There are several charities in the area that will receive a share of the £18,000 up
for grabs. If you already have a Co-Op card you can log into your account online and select us as
your chosen charity. Once you have done this 1% of any money you spend on their own food and
goods plus things like life cover will be donated to our fund pot.

If you do not have a Co-Op card it’s easy to join, for just £1 in store or online you can get a
membership card and start earning money for our charity. This is such a great amount of money to
earn for the school so please support it if you can!

Tel: 01202 709013 | Email: | 51 Lilliput Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 8JX