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Physical Education (PE) Curriculum

PE and sport are valued highly and play a very important part in the life of Lilliput C.E. Infant School. Therefore, as a staff team, we have carefully considered the units and skills we will teach based on our knowledge of how the children learn and what we believe will support the children at Lilliput most, in line with the EYFS framework and the CLP curriculum. This is reassessed each year and is continually discussed throughout the year to allow children to receive a positive and strong experience of sport throughout their time at Lilliput. 

From September 2020, the focused skills will be outlined in purple within our curriculum overview (please see below). We have carefully considered which skills are being taught and at which point throughout the year to allow our children to reach their full potential in our lessons. Please see our intent, impact and implement where this is clearly outlined in detail. Our teaching of each unit will be delivered incorporating our Christian Vision and Values. Equally, we will make our school's Key Skills for Life explicit to the children through our teaching and their learning. 

Additionally, from September 2020, at the start of each PE unit we will be introducing a 'sports role model' of the half term. Each focused sports role model chosen will relate to our half termly sports topic and will be introduced to the children during worship. The children will learn about each sports role model to appreciate their hard work, develop a deeper understanding towards each person and their sport. We hope to motivate, inspire and enhance the children's cultural capital through this endeavour.


Click here to find out who our sports role models are. We look forward to telling you all about these inspirational role models in your worships each half term.

At the end of each unit, children at Lilliput will experience a 'Celebratory Sports Week' where the children will get the opportunity to apply the skills learnt during that unit of work to a team game. During 'Celebratory Sports Week', a child from each class will also be awarded the 'Sports person of the half term' in worship. 'Sports person of the half term' will be awarded to children who have developed their skills and shown our school values in their PE lessons.

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PE sports funding

At Lilliput C.E. Infant School, we are committed to the ongoing and sustained improvement of PE and sport. Our overall aim is to raise standards in PE and sport, increasing the participation and opportunities offered to our children. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all.

The government have been providing since 2013 approximately £150 million per year to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in schools. The money must be used to improve the provision of PE and school sport. Ofsted continue to monitor the impact of this funding and schools have to account for how they have spent their Sport Premium money. We are therefore delighted to be able to use the money received to date to support the development of PE and sport in the following ways (please see below for a detailed outline of how have spent/ intend to spend the sports premium money):

Please click here to view PE and Sport Premium information and conditions for 2020-21

Please click here to view PE and Sport Premium information and conditions for 2019-20

Please click here to view PE and Sport Premium information and conditions for 2018-19

Please note, that due to Covid-19 virus, which has disrupted the sports activities for the summer term, unallocated funds from the 2019-20 PE and Sport Premium Funding are being carried forward to the 2020-21 PE and Sport Premium Funding.

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