Curriculum Planning

Each half term, children will be given units of work lasting for three to four weeks that are exciting, fun and challenging.  The units of work/projects will be introduced to the children using a 'hook' to fire their imagination and 'reel' them into the project!  Details of each unit/project will be sent home and will include a section on how parents can help both in the school and at home.



Spring 2020 - No Place Like Space with Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2020 - Emergency! Emergency! (Knowledge Organiser)

Autumn 2019 - Let it Snow! with Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2019 - Rumble in the Jungle (KnowledgeOrganiser)

Autumn 2019 - Magical Me

Summer 2019 - Incredible India (Knowledge Organiser)

Summer 2019 - Fantasy

Spring 2019 - Under the Sea (Knowledge Organiser)



Spring 2020 - Giants (Knowledge Organiser) 

Spring 2020 - Toy Story (Knowledge Organiser)

Autumn 2019 - Once Upon a Time (Knowledge Organiser)

Autumn 2019 -  Superhero Senses 

Summer 2019 - Incredible India (Knowledge Organiser)

Summer 2019 - Pirates! (Knowledge Organiser)



Spring 2020 - Walking with Dinosaurs Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2020 - The Great Fire of London Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2019 - All At Sea Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2019 - Knights and Castles (Knowledge Organiser)

Summer 2019 - India Topic Knowledge Organiser

Summer 2019 - Knowledge Organiser


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