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Lilliput Church of England Infant School

Love, Respect, Serve

Starting in Reception

School Readiness & Welcome Evening's  



Please see below for this year's remote presentations.



Please note, there is a slight glitch at 3:13, but the video resumes after a few moments and nothing is missed out.





 Here are some example activities we had out during the evening last year. 


Letter familiarisation and matching


Can you spot any letters in the story? 


Can you count out the correct number of dinosaurs? 


Can you listen out for rhyming words in stories? 

Can you trace the letter shape with the car? 


Can you play the silly soup game and find the rhyming words?


Can you have an alliteration picnic? 



Can you thread the pipe cleaners through the holes? 

Can you thread the spaghetti through the colander?


Can you cut carefully around the shapes?